After bringing my daughter in for a private somatics session on Tuesday she left without the pain in her knees and said she felt great Wednesday and Thursday! She had an amazing workout in the gym on Thursday according to her (I did not see). She was able to do skills that she had not done in 2 years! Is it somatics or coincidence?

Unfortunately, the eager child went to practice Friday and tumbled on the floor because her knee felt so good and then went to beam and while landing a split leap (where she takes off on right knee and lands on right knee) her knee started “killing her”.

She iced it at the gym and came home and did somatics. She said her knee felt better and only noticed pain when going up/down steps at bowling alley. She did somatics again before bed and said that her knee felt pretty good. We would love to come in next week.

So we came in next week for another seesion, she has not had knee pain since.