This is an awesome protocol and very effective for my condition. I had a serious ski accident 15 years ago and the trauma to my neck has caused me a lot of pain and immobility throughout my body. A 15- year old boy from New York was racing his buddies to the bottom of the mountain in Breckenridge, CO. and collided with me as I was pushing myself up from a fall. His body was in the air, hit my head, almost broke my neck and knocked me unconscious. Broke my right wrist and front tooth too!

My neck was in pain for about 4 months, but the doctors then did not recommend chiropractors. Later (8 years) I spent a lot of time with one in B.R. The trauma to my entire body of this event still haunts me and I have tried all forms of therapy. “Hanna Somatics” is the only solution that I have found.