I want to extend a sincere thanks to Peggy Hurley and Barbara Rathbone of BR Somatics LLC. Their teaching style of somatics is both caring and educational. They both possess vast knowledge to identify physical limitations and then focus on specific, yet simple, ways to rehabilitate problem areas.

I had a strained sciatic nerve for two weeks and could barely reach down to put my socks on. I contacted BR Somatics and within one 3-hour somatics session, I was 90% free of pain, with increased mobility.

They even identified, and relieved, strained muscles that I didn’t think were problems because I was so accustomed to the body aches.

I currently perform several somatic therapeutic exercises daily on my own for maintenance purposes and feel wonderful.

I recommend to all my family and friends the amazing practice of somatics. Peggy and Barbara are true angels for their tireless acts of healing. Thank you, sincerely.