I am a seventy two year old woman with severe scoliosis. It was first diagnosed about 15 years ago. At that time the doctors wanted to put steel rods in my spine. I declined.

Scoliosis was exacerbated by a rectal restructuring, chemotherapy and radiation to deal with my rectal cancer. As my scoliosis grew more severe I also developed an extreme senile posture. When Barbara and Peggy suggested that they could help my scoliosis and posture they were talking to a complete non believer who thought the idea sounded preposterous. When they persisted I finally decided that I had nothing to lose. Thank heavens, because I was so wrong.

Within a year and a half there has been dramatic, unbelievable
improvement. The lateral curvature of my spine is much less. Where my waist bowed out on one side there is now an indentation. The forward curve, giving my senile posture, is almost gone. I can move and walk more freely and stand much more erect.

I have done a minimum of 2 sessions weekly but most importantly I have done daily self-care. I am assigned custom somatic movements to do at home to correspond with the changes in my body. These changes have been gradual. Occasionally I have reached a plateau to be followed by some significant change. I continue to work and improve. The non believer is now a born again “somatic fanatic”.