My back was very curved. I was very bent over and my neck stuck out like a giraffe. I felt as though there was a rod being pushed into the back of my hip constantly and my left foot, calf and ankle were so numb I had to take great care to avoid falling. I also had a broken tail bone from being rear-ended three months ago that was causing much discomfort. I was almost “eating” pain pills.

After the FIRST session of somatics, there was NO pain in my back!!!! I was straighter than I had been in years. Incredibly, there was NO numbness in my foot, ankle or calf. The next day I took half a pain pill because I was sore. Not in pain….just sore from muscles being lengthened!! My husband and friends cannot get over the change in my back. You should see the before and after photos!! I have made many bad decisions and wasted a lot of money during my lifetime; HOWEVER, not one penny has been wasted on somatic.