My wife and I met the folks from BR Somatics at Dr. Stephanie Cave’s office one day. My wife cautiously inquired if they might be able to help her with her feet and leg issues. We both had reservations and disbelief but we were desperate. We had nowhere else to go and were out of options except to live with pain and some pain medications. So after my wife tried them, and after seeing practical results with her, I made my first appt..

I had plantar faciitis in both feet but am now 100% recovered from that utilizing somatics.

I had a cyst on top of my left foot that had been surgically removed but had grown back. I was preparing to have another surgery on it when I met BR Somatics, but it disappeared shortly after I began doing somatics.

For years I daily had pain in my right thumb with very limited use. Somatics showed me how to recover my thumb so that I no longer had to live with that pain and inconvenience.

I had low back pain that would awaken me at night with a #10 pain level. It would sometimes turn into a deep burning ache that would radiate down my left leg like a piercing, gnawing, nagging knife. Sometimes it would move into my sacrum and groin. I felt exhausted a lot because of the consistent loss of sleep. I could not sit for very long so riding in the car or on a plane for any length of time was out of the question. I could no longer even ride my stationary bike.

The doctor wanted to give me shots but I decided not to do that. I tried cream steroids, ultrasound, traction, massage, bio freeze, chiropractic 2-3x’s a week for years and 16 physical therapy visits. Some of these things did offer temporary relief but nothing lasting, and all the while I was becoming progressively worse.

After 7 visits with BR Somatics I was so much better but still needed more recovery. I bought a table and learned the self-care they taught me. I work with myself 2 times each day for 1 hour each. I’ve had 4-5 more private sessions since then and am still improving. At least I now have the answer.

At this point I am sleeping like a baby and can take trips in cars and planes and sit on the bleachers. I feel I am 85% recovered in my low back & sacrum and the groin pain is completely gone. Also, I completely recovered the use of my thumb. I am so happy I tried them and would do it all over again.